Achieving a Normal Work Experience at Home

Work always has a variety of challenges. Working from home adds a new level of complications that we have to overcome. However, there are things you can do to help maintain a sense of normalcy in these ever-changing times. Ernie Zuniga of San Antonio’s Fox 29 News team hosted our own Juan Mata to discuss 5 Tips for Working Effectively from Home.

1. Curate Your Workspace
To increase productivity and focus give your workspace good lighting, sufficient surface space, a comfortable chair, and a connection to the natural world (e.g. a plant, window view)

2. Plan Your Day
Allow yourself to accomplish goals and work around distractions in your home by setting a schedule with time limits for your important tasks: time for emails, time for reporting, time for meetings, etc.

3. Stay Flexible… Literally
Change your posture, position, and/or location throughout the day to promote good circulation and prevent work-related aches and pains.

4. Harness Available Technology 
Don’t cancel existing meetings and conversations just because your office location has changed. Take interactions to the virtual world!

5. Take a Walk 
At some point you need to leave work at work and take time time for you. Those things you did in the office to give your brain a rest should still be part of your life while working from home: exercise and time outdoors, lunch away from your desk, a designated start and end of your work day.

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