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You need to work from home. We are here to serve you. In that spirit, we have gathered options that allow you to procure quality, ergonomically supportive furniture for your team members that will help them work more productively from remote locations. Please be safe and let us know how we can help you achieve a better workplace.


Make a homely space into a successful work from home space!

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Employee health and well-being have never been more linked to performance and productivity. Access the workspace support and comfort you need in your home office environment directly through the Haworth online store.

It's never been easier to Bring Haworth Home.

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Curated Packages

Our curated packages are complete ergonomic workstations, from minimal to fully-loaded. They can be ready in as little as 5 days, sized to fit any home office space, and start at $420 with delivery and applicable installation* included.

Value and convenience in a single step.

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