Evolving Workplace Design for the Future
from Haworth.com

Many businesses are calling for a return to the office—for at least part of their employees’ working time. However, plopping people down in the traditional #workspaces we used just a few years ago won’t do. The ways we work have changed—and they are constantly changing. If spaces don’t serve the current needs of your employees and their new #workstyles, asking them to report to an office just trades one problem for another. People won’t do their best work in spaces that don’t work for them. And sometimes, people won’t work at all—choosing to leave in favor of a more supportive, flexible environment.

The challenge for businesses, then, becomes multi-dimensional:

How do you evolve the office environment to 1) bring people together, 2) support them in their work, and 3) keep the flexibility they desire?  Offer Choice

  1. Gig/Co-working Spaces
  2. Activity-Based Spaces
  3. Multi-Use Spaces
  4. Social Spaces
  5. Well-Being Spaces
  6. Mobile/Agile Spaces
  7. Virtual Spaces

Want to know how?  Read the full article at haworth.com: 7 Spaces for the New Ways We Work